Covid - 19

Superfoods that Boost Your Immunity Against COVID-19

Covid-19, known popularly as the novel coronavirus has today become a pandemic owing to its fast-spreading nature. Data has also shown that the virus is largely affecting those with low immunity or underlying medical conditions, making their lungs susceptible to incurable pneumonia. It is therefore necessary to concentrate on boosting immunity apart from the general washing and sanitising of your hands.

The main reason to consume food has always been for its health benefits and nutrients, even before its taste. At this crucial time, focusing on this aspect is even more important. Hence, loading up on the benefits that various ingredients provide is a prerequisite. Consuming superfoods that improve your immune system and makes it strong enough to fight the deadliest of viruses is a must right now. Given below is a list of constituents that offer the best protections against illnesses.

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A Guide to Popular Indian Breads

Bread is an important part of all global cuisines. Be it the Italian Pizza base, the middle eastern pita, the french baguettes, Mexican tortillas or more, breads find mention in every type of cuisine. However, in India, traditional breads are a very important part of the cuisine. Without these, an Indian meal isn’t complete.

In India, flatbreads have been traditionally accompanied with curries. In fact, if you go to any Indian restaurant in Melbourne, you will find a huge bread menu. The most interesting part is that all these originate from different parts of the subcontinent. Therefore, the methods using which these are prepared also vary, leading to distinctive flavours and textures. Apart from this, for health conscious individuals, there are many breads that are prepared gluten free.

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Two-Way Lassi for Your Summer Thirst

Scorching summer heat can lead to major health issues. It can cause dehydration, excessive headaches, rashes, strokes and fatigue. It is therefore important to keep your insides cool, especially when the hot Australian sun is at its peak.

While some may resort to consuming a bountiful of fizzy drinks and ice-creams, it is important to know that even if they keep you cool, they contribute to other conditions such as obesity. For someone who is a health advocate as well as a foodie, a yoghurt based drink is a better option. One such soul-soothing Indian drink is Lassi.
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Indian Sweets to Try This Holiday Season

The holiday season is when your sweet tooth is at its more active. Everyone, diet conscious or not, looks forward to splurge into amazing Christmas treats. Family dinners with a table full of tarts, cakes, cookies, puddings and more is what everybody looks forward to.

However, for an experimental soul, the same old Christmas celebrations clubbed with traditional sweet dishes can get boring. What if we say you can spruce it up with indulgent Indian desserts instead?

Here is a list of Indian sweets that can replace classic holiday desserts. Note that what makes these recipes even more exciting is that these are 100% vegetarian.

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Beat Summers with These Cool Indian Dishes by Lala’s Kitchen

Scorching summer heat can cause dehydration, sun strokes and more such health issues. It is therefore necessary to keep your body cool internally in order to beat the heat. Eating heavy foods that include meat, nuts and chilly may thus not be advisable as this might increase internal heat and cause issues such as indigestion.

If you are an Indian food lover, this fact may lead to disappointment as it generally consists of oils and peppers. Savouring this cuisine might not be recommended by many in the sunny weather.

However, what one will be surprised to know is that there are certain common Indian dishes that have a soothingly cooling effect and are perfect to be consumed in the hot, sweaty Australian summers.

Some of such Indian fares prepared at the best Indian restaurant in Bentleigh, Lala’s Kitchen, are explored below:

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The Various Health Benefits of Spices Used in Indian Food

India is famously known as the land of spices. Following through to this title, Indian food commonly uses a diverse selection of spices in its traditional dishes. These make the cuisine of this subcontinent palatable and flavourful. Additionally, these also add an enchanting aroma that stimulates the nose and the appetite.

However, the most noteworthy thing is that spices are not just meant to increase the taste of food, they are also loaded with several health benefits. They are hence recommended to be consumed for a fit lifestyle.

Some of the commonly used Indian spices and their robust advantages for well being are mentioned below.

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5 Must have Indian Street Foods to Try Out at Lala’s Kitchen in Melbourne

India is a land of diverse culture. This diversity reflects in its cuisine as well. One of the most vital as well as delicious parts of Indian cuisine is its variety of street food. Every state in India has its own street food with distinct flavours. While there is a plethora of this throughout the Indian subcontinent, there are a few street delights that every food lover should try at least once in their lives. Given below are a few mouth-watering treats from lanes of the land of spices that you can taste at one of the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne — Lala’s Kitchen.

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The Making of Indo Chinese

Indo Chinese cuisine is basically a blend of two culinary cultures. One can see it as Chinese food made adapted to Indian taste. It is basically made when Indian ingredients like garlic, ginger, chilli peppers and onions are seasoned with chinese sauces like soy sauce and vinegar to  make the rather raw chinese cuisine more flavourful and spicy.

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Make Your Own Paneer / Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese or Paneer is a common ingredient in vegetarian Indian cuisine. Not only is this cheese delicious, it is healthy as well.

Cottage cheese is high in protein and hence is good for healthy bones and muscles. It is also great for weight loss and contains good fats and is thus used as a vegetarian option in diets such as Keto. Apart from this, it is a source of Vitamin D and contains antioxidants that help keep cell damage and Prostate Cancer at bay.

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The Mythical Origin of Pani Puri

Pani Puri, Gol Gappa, Puchka, Gup Chup, Phulki – One delicacy with so many names. This Indian Street food will always leave you craving for more because of its low satiety quotient. Pani Puri is the tantalizing culinary chaos of flavours that tickles your taste buds. The puri is a crispy hollow ball made of semolina or wheat and filled with spicy potatoes. The puri is then filled with Pani – a tangy, spicy combination of tamarind water made fragrant by mint leaves and black salt. No one can actually pinpoint the origin of this lip-smacking delight but two stories always come to surface when spoken about the history of this heavenly spice affair.

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