Beat Summers with These Cool Indian Dishes by Lala’s Kitchen

Scorching summer heat can cause dehydration, sun strokes and more such health issues. It is therefore necessary to keep your body cool internally in order to beat the heat. Eating heavy foods that include meat, nuts and chilly may thus not be advisable as this might increase internal heat and cause issues such as indigestion.

If you are an Indian food lover, this fact may lead to disappointment as it generally consists of oils and peppers. Savouring this cuisine might not be recommended by many in the sunny weather.

However, what one will be surprised to know is that there are certain common Indian dishes that have a soothingly cooling effect and are perfect to be consumed in the hot, sweaty Australian summers.

Some of such Indian fares prepared at the best Indian restaurant in Bentleigh, Lala’s Kitchen, are explored below:

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Authentic Tandoori Dishes to Try at Lala’s Kitchen

So are you craving for authentic and delicious tandoori dishes? At Lala’s Kitchen in Melbourne, we bring you the different types of tandoori dishes that you will like to try. These dishes are cooked with Authentic Indian recipes and style.

Lala’s Kitchen has established a reputation of excellence in providing delicious food since our inception.

We have various types of Tandoori dishes are present in our menu.


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Top 4 Indian Dishes that Every Vegetarian Loves!

Indian cuisine is diverse; it has something for every taste palate. It does not matter whether you are a non-vegetarian, pescetarian, vegetarian or a vegan; you will always get a delicious option that suits your eating preferences. And as far as vegetarian options are concerned, Indian cuisine leaves everything behind. Loaded with exquisite flavours, and exotic spices, the Indian meatless meals are second to none! Here, we have listed down the top 4 dishes that are popular among the vegetarians visiting our restaurant:

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