Engagement And Wedding Party Catering In Melbourne

Being committed to someone and celebrating the charm of it with the loved ones is the most beautiful experience of our lives. Out of all the planning and event management strategies, the best choice you can make for your engagement and wedding is the catering!

Lala’s Kitchen provides you with the most wide range of gourmet menu selections and customised options. Our chefs and planners constantly scan the latest culinary trends in the industry to provide outstanding and creative menus. You decide what you want to serve to your guests and we execute it beyond expectations. With our reliable engagement party catering and wedding party catering services, we strive you make your occasion the most memorable one.

Our Services:

We cater to the needs of an occasion and not just food. Our operations and managers make sure that your guests go happy with food and memories.

  1. Available Melbourne-wide and surrounding suburbs
  2. Latest culinary trends and creative menus
  3. Professional and efficient servers
  4. One less thing to worry about during the occasion
  5. One more thing to cherish for lifetime - great catering services
  6. Gourmet and customised menu selections
  7. Fitting well in your budget

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