Gujarati Thali

Gujarati Food Catering – Get Tasty Foods, Sweets, Snacks

Gujarat in India needs no introduction, especially with the food and cultural diversity. The region is mostly influenced by Jainism and Hinduism, making Gujarati food catering strictly vegetarian. The Gujarati cuisine makes use of many delectable veggies and combining them in special species for highly satiating dishes. Being simple, hassle-free and richly delicious, this cuisine is something to experience at least once in a lifetime.

With a wide range of options in delicacies, the Gujarati food catering from Lala’s Kitchen follows traditional recipes and flavours. A typical Gujarati menu consists of savoury side dishes, sweets, lentils, rice, vegetables, gravies, chapatis, salad, papad and curd. With so many varieties, Gujarati food is always balanced and nourishing. Traditionally served in a thali, the food is transformed into a buffet when it comes to occasions with a large number of guests. Lala’s Kitchen also specialises in Indian food catering Melbourne, specialising in Gujarati food catering.

  • STARTERS/FARSAN: Khaman, dhokla, khandvi, kachori, samosa, patra, gota, mixed bhajiya, muthiya, handvo, fafda-jalebi, khichu
  • VEGETABLES/CURRIES: Undhiyu, sev tameta nu shak, gujarati kadhi, suki bhaaji, murghanu shaak, dal dhokli and much more
  • DESSERTS: Shrikhand, mohanthal, sukhdi, moong dal no halwo, sutarfeni, faada laapsi, kaaju katri, ghari, pak, gulab jamun, laadoo and more
  • BREAD : Bajri no rotlo, bhakri, thepla, puran poli and more
  • ACCOMPANIMENTS: Chutneys and varieties of pickles

Cooked to satisfy the ultimate craving of flavours and aromas, the Gujarati food catering Melbourne is a flavour-packed experience. With us, you will not feel away from home!