Fine Dining Indian Restaurant in Hampton

Welcome to Lala’s Kitchen, an Indian Restaurant in Hampton, which offers finest Indian dining experience in Melbourne. Mark yourself on a culinary journey across the narrow lanes of the Subcontinent. Lala’s Kitchen is an assemblage of the finest Indian cuisines from every part of the Subcontinent, kept together to be served on your tables. The restaurant’s menu includes dishes from Punjab, Hyderabad, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Lucknow, and Kolkatta. At Lala’s Kitchen, chef Lalabhai has created a modern, sophisticated, soothing setting with a colourful mix that resembles the classic Indian dining style.

Lala’s Kitchen is a restaurant in Melbourne run by the master chef Lalabhai, who has over 40 years of experience in the food industry. Lalabhai has a vast experience in Gujarati and Punjabi food.

You will relish the authentic flavour of the unusual cuisine and will discover outlandish cookery creations from the undisclosed recipes of Lala’s kitchens. Dining at this Indian restaurant in Hampton is an experience you’ll not forget in your lifetime. In fact, you’ll keep coming up with excuses so that you can insist your family to dine here.

No more excuses, though, Lala’s Kitchen is next to you. You can come over to this restaurant in Hampton whenever you feel like. The restaurant is open from 7 o’clock in the morning till late night—11pm. So be it an early morning breakfast, a late lunch, or an after hours dinner, head over to our Indian restaurant in Hampton. The restaurant acts as a cafe till 5:30. After that, it doubles up as a dinner restaurant.

Visit our restaurant with a bottle of wine with your family and friends for tonight’s dinner and present them with a culinary treat of a lifetime.

Recapture a savouring ambience, the mesmerising flavours, the alluring aromas, or the elegance of yesteryears, we welcome you at Lala’s Kitchen.