Indian Restaurant Highett

Lala’s Kitchen is an Indian restaurant near Highett right next to you in the beautiful setting of what we call Bentleigh today. And if you’re known to the area, you would know Highett is just a few minutes’ drive from here.

A location within 2 km of Port Philip makes Highett a place of envy to live at. But not so for an Indian; the number of Indian restaurant in this suburb are scarce. Highett is a suburb with a population of 10, 000. Many Indian live here and as you know Indians are not very fond of western food. We comprehend this fact better than our fellow Indian restaurateurs in Melbourne do. That’s the reason why we are bringing best of Indian restaurant closer to you and, in a way, to your hearts.

So what are you waiting for head on to our Indian restaurant in Highett and have a treat of a lifetime? And if you were wondering whether we’ll be open or not. Worry not! We are open 7 days a week from 7 in the morning to 11 in the night. So the time when you’re already late for the dinner frustrated with your manager’s incapability to take decisions on time, how about having dinner that tastes just like home. Put all your worries aside and have your dinner in the solace of a warm ambience.

If you think beauty doesn’t go well with food, look at our food; the food we serve at tables. It so beautiful that the next you’ll do is to take its photo and put on Instagram.

Visit our restaurant with a bottle of wine with your family and friends for tonight’s dinner and confer them with a culinary treat they’ll never forget.

Recapture a savouring ambience, the mesmerising flavours, the alluring aromas, or the elegance of yesteryears, we welcome you at Lala’s Kitchen.