Indian Wedding Catering Melbourne

Wedding is probably the most extravagant event in an Indian’s life. It’s common for prospective grooms and bribes’ families to throw thousands of dollars in wedding preparations. Every part in Indian wedding is taken extra care of being it the prenuptial, pre-wedding ceremonies, welcoming the guests, exchanging the rings, and, above all, the food.The guests start arriving a few days before the actual wedding. For the hosts, who are already busy with the wedding arrangements, arranging the meals, three times a day, for the incoming guests can be burdensome. Even if they source the meals from the outside, distributing the food and arranging the dining space will still take a lot of time.Save the time when you need it the most; hire our Indian wedding catering in Melbourne. Lala’s Kitchen is a restaurant in Melbourne that provides Indian wedding catering in most of the Melbourne. If you avail our services in Melbourne, then we’ll take care of everything from preparing the food to calling the guests; we’ll make sure every of your guests is well fed and happy with your wedding arrangements.Lala’s Kitchen is a family run restaurant in Bentleigh, Melbourne run by master chef Lalabhai, who has over 40 years of experience in the culinary industry. Lalabhai, as a chef, has a vast experience in Gujarati and Punjabi food.Another advantage of having an Indian wedding caterer on board is this that you don’t have to worry about keeping the vegetarian food separate from the non-vegetarian food. Lala’s Kitchen’s Indian wedding catering staffs in Melbourne will keep counters for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food separate to make sure every of your guests irrespective of his or her culinary choice has a nice meal time.If you’re after an experienced Indian caterer in Melbourne, you can visit our restaurant in Bentleigh to learn more about our Indian wedding catering service.

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