Best Punjabi Food Catering in Melbourne

Think of Punjab and the first thing that comes to our minds is its earthy heritage of lush green fields and robust lifestyle. It is a state synonymous with food. Punjabi food is a lot like Punjabis - rich, flavoursome, and full of life. Bold textures and hearty ingredients are what makes Punjabi cuisine so popular all around the world. At Lala’s kitchen, we honour this tradition and serve the richness of Punjabi food with a touch of love.At Lala’s, we serve up a wide variety of food. While meat lovers can never get enough of the Kashmiri Lamb Rogan Josh, South Indian style Chicken Chettinaad, Chicken Kolhapuri from Maharastra as well as Machcher Zhol from the Bay of Bengal, vegetarian fare is equally delightful. Kaju Curry, Vegetarian Makkhanwala, Paneer Chatpata, Cheese Butter Masala are just a handful of our vegetarian specialities. Lala’s Kitchen is also home to authentic tandoori food. Our naan bread is perfected by a crisp exterior, a fluffy core and a distinctive charred flavour. We take pride in the fact that people come from all around Melbourne to enjoy our homely experience and divine food.

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