• Starters

    • Lilva Kachori


      6 pieces of Crispy pastry filled with sweet and spicy Lilva dana

    • Paneer Lifafa


      A Marinated paneer with stuffing wrapped in crunchy roll

    • Dahi Sev Puri


      Puri filled with potato served with yoghurt, sev and chutneys

    • Vada Pav


      Potato balls sandwiched between two slices of bread roll

    • Bhel Puri


      Puffed rice, Papadi, potatoes, tomatoes mixed with sweet and spicy chutney

    • Chole Bhature


      Chick pea curry served with 2 bhature, onion and pickle

    • Samosa


      Crispy pastry filled with potato and peas

    • Paneer Pappadum


      Paneer with spices and herbs coated in crunchy pappadums

    • Seekh Kebab


      Mince lamb with herbs and spices on skewer

    • Paneer Tikka


      Tender pieces of cottage cheese marinated in tandoori base skewered with vegetables

    • Veg Corn Kebab


      Mince vegetables and corn with herb and spices

    • Samosa Chaat


      Tangy mix of samosa, mint chutney,mango chutney and yoghurt

    • Veg Lollypop

      $12.00 for 5 pieces

      Mince vegetables with herb and spices

    • Stuffed Crispy Mushrooms

      $15.90 for 4 pieces

      Mushroom fritters stuffed with cheese and herbs

    • Pani Puri


      India’s most popular street food

    • Paneer Tikka

      $15.00 for 4 pieces

      Tender pieces of cottage cheese marinated in tandoori base

    • Papadi Chaat


      Crisp fried dough wafers served with boiled potatoes,sev, yogurt and chutneys

    • Dabeli


      Sweet and savoury potato mixture stuffed in white roll with peanuts, sev and chutneys

    • Aloo Tikki Chaat


      Potato patties stuffed with masala lentil served with chutneys, sev and yogurt

Indo Chinese

    • Indo Chinese

    • Veg Manchurian Dry


      Vegetable dumplings stir-fried with vegetables, garlic, ginger and special sauces

    • Paneer Chilli Dry


      Cottage cheese fritters stir fried with vegetables, garlic, ginger and special sauces

    • Combination Rice


      Manchurian dry vegetables, noodles and rice stir fried in special sauces

    • Chinese Bhel


      Combination of fried noodles, roasted peanuts, manchurian dry, and vegetables stir fried in special sauce


    • Mains – Vegetarian

    • Khoya Kaju


      Cashew nuts cooked in creamy sauce

    • Kaju Paneer Makhana


      Cashew nuts, cottage cheese and popped lotus seeds in spicy and tangy gravy

    • Nargisi Kofta


      Mashed potato balls stuffed with paneer and dry fruit in a spicy and tangy gravy

    • Cheese Butter Masala


      Cheese cubes in a traditional butter masala gravy

    • Daal Fry


      Yellow lentil cooked in tomato and onion sauce seasoned with herbs

    • Paneer Butter Masala


      Cottage cheese cubes cooked in special gravy

    • Paneer Chatpata


      Cottage cheese cubes cooked with vegetables in spicy tangy sauce

    • Paneer Bhurji


      Scrambled cottage cheese stir-fried with onion, tomatoes and fresh herbs.

    • Scrambled Palak Paneer


      Traditional spinach and cottage cheese curry with a twist

    • Veg Makkhanwala


      Mixed vegetables cooked in special sauce with scrambled paneer

    • Veg Kolhapuri


      Hot and spicy dish from Maharashtra consists of mixed vegetables tossed in gravy

    • Kaju Curry


      Cashew nuts cooked in a special gravy


    • Rice

    • Plain Basmati Rice

    • Jeera Rice


      Rice tossed in oil with crackling cumin seeds

    • Peas Pulao


      Rice tossed with whole spices and green peas

    • Vegetable Biriyani


      Vegetarian version of Mughlai biriyani


    • Bread

    • Laccha Paratha

    • Plain Naan

    • Roti

    • Paneer Kulcha



    • Accompaniments

    • Roasted Papad

    • Sirkawali Onion Salad


      Onions marinated in vinegar

    • Garden salad

    • Boondi Raita


      Natural yogurt flavoured with mint and chaat masala with boondi

    • Onion Raita


      Natural yogurt flavoured with mint and chaat masala with chopped onion


    • Dessert

    • Kaju Pista Badam Halwa


      Halwa made from cashews, pistachio and almonds

    • Dry Fruit Rabdi


      Traditional Indian sweet dish made with milk and dry fruits.

    • Ice Dish


      Crushed ice top with flavoured sugar syrup, dry fruits and coconut. (with Rabdi extra $3.00)

    • Snow Cone (Burf ke Gole)


      Crusted ice on a stick, top with flavoured sugar syrup.


    • Drinks

    • Mango Lassi

    • Dryfruit Lassi with Ice Cream

    • Khus-Khus Lassi

    • Masala Chaas

    • Jeera Chaas

    • Soft Drinks


      Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Mineral Water

    • Barrabool Brewing. The dark Light


    • Strawberry Cooler


      Cold and refreshing sparkling drink made with fresh strawberries

    • Pina colada


      Sweet cocktail made with cream of coconut and pinapple juice

    • Blue Lagoon


      Sparkling and refreshing drink made with blue curcao

    • Kiwi Apple Surprise


      Cold chiller made with fresh kiwis, apple juice with lemonade

    • Orange Blossam


      Cold chiller with fresh orange juice and vanilla ice cream

    • Lychee Coconut


      Lychee crush with cream of coconut

    • Mango Tango


      Refreshing Mango crush with sparkling orange juice

    • Mojito


      Refreshing lime juice with mint