The Magic of Vegetarian Diet

Did you know processed meat including ham and bacon can cause cancer? Well, we are not saying this but it has been reported by the World Health Organisation. The study also suggests that even 50g of processed meat a day which is even less than two slices of bacon increases the chances of bowel cancer by 18%. We understand a vegetarian diet can be boring and has no variety like the choice of meat but there are ample reasons to go vegetarian.

Vegetarian diets not only help in weight loss and weight management but also combat many forms of chronic diseases and provide a healthy glow to your skin. A vegetarian diet is a perfect way to stay healthy and happy. A vegetarian diet is a complete balanced diet. It consists of fibre, vitamins C and E, folic acid, magnesium, unsaturated fat, and numerous phytochemicals. Many meat lovers would be surprised to know this but a vegetarian diet is considered to be more healthy than the non-vegetarian one.

Vegetarian food gets easily digested and vegetarians have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and also there is a reduction in heart diseases. Here are some of the reasons proving the magical power of vegetarian food that might make you swap your beef burger for a beet burger.

Gut Health

We are what we eat. We know about the bacteria in our digestive system but very few of us actually notice the great relationship shared between good bacteria and a healthy diet. Plant-based foods support a diverse microbiome which is associated with good health. The vegetarian diet provides us with the bacteria that support our immune system, reduce inflammation, regulate ghrelin and the hunger hormone.

Glowing Skin

Vegetarian diet not only improves internal but also external health. If you swap your dairy products, sugar, and high-glycemic foods for carotenoid-packed vegetables, it will work wonders for your skin. The dark green, red and orange hue veggies are known to have vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that give you healthy hair, glowing skin and rich nails.

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